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Oeuvre choisie : Qianlong’s Miniature Army

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This coming Saturday, March 26th, Maître Labarbe is offering for auction this exceptional and extremely rare Imperial Chinese painting, entitled « Manoeuvres » drawn from « La Grande Revue » series, dating from the reign of the Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795). Its estimated value ranges from 3 to 4 millions Euros.

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    The Qianlong fever

    Also on March 26th, for the third time, an Imperial Chinese seal is being offered for auction by Maîtres Chassaing and Marambat of Toulouse. It is surmounted by two entwined dragons leaning back to back, delicately sculpted in three-dimensional form in white nephrite jade – a material associated with immortality. The characters inscribed on its base indicate in archaic writing, « Qianlong yubi » meaning « from the imperial brush of Qianlong », the Emperor who reigned from 1736-1795. This seal, of exceptionally beautiful craftsmanship, belonged to the sovereign and was designed for the purpose of signing official documents. The imprint of the stamp is, incidentally, referenced in the « Qianlong baosou », a compendium of the Emperor Qianlong. Height: 7.55 cm , it is estimated to be worth somewhere between 1 and 1.5 million Euros.

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  • See this sale’s detail and photos
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